Marge the Crabby Crab

After the success of my first book, i’m super proud to have self published my second, amidst the craziness of 2020. It is available to buy now from Etsy.

Marge the Crabby Crab is a really sweet story about friendship and what’s important in life. I love this story so much and my illustrator, Zoe McCabe has done an absolutely incredible job with the beautiful illustrations.

Have you ever wondered how crabs feel when you go crabbing in the summer? Well this story takes you on an underwater adventure to discover just that! It has rhyming verses so is fun to read and will help to take you back to your summer holidays.

Suitable for children aged 3-7 this book will be a lovely story to share with your children along with memories of crabbing.

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My inspiration  

We go crabbing every summer with our children and  whenever we do, I always notice that have some crabs in our bucket that are clearly not happy….snipping at us and pinching my kids hands and making them cry before being thrown in the sea and sent on their merry way but we also have others that just chill out and enjoy the bacon so that was what inspired me to create Marge the Crabby Crab.


“I LOVE it. Such a beautiful story and it really made me smile. I’d never thought of crabbing like that for a start. It then took my thoughts to all of my wonderful British holidays. I could even visualize them with the drawings in the book.

The message is a beautiful one too and a very very important one but one I think everyone will relate to. Brilliant book”

Jenny from The Outdoors Mum

“What a wonderful book! As a family we spend hours reading books, creating voices and enjoying the illustrations and Marge the Crabby Crab did not disappoint. The stunning imagery, beautiful flowing words and inspiring story of true friendship is something everyone in the family can enjoy. We will have years of fun reading and enjoying this book with our boys.”

Penny at Little Ankle Biters Herts

Where to buy

You can buy from my shop, HelenBaconBooks on Etsy!