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I have always had a huge passion for promoting positive children’s well being, it’s actually one of the main reasons I carry on blogging to be honest. I love connecting with parents across the 3 counties and sharing ways that families can spend quality time together because we all deserve those positive opportunities in life.

Earlier this year, I was made aware of Level Trust and learnt all about the great work that they do for children in Luton. I spent part of my childhood growing up in Luton and it broke my heart to hear that 45.7% of children there live in poverty*. This place was my home, to all of us in the 3 counties, it is on our doorstep!

Level Trust do some amazing work in the community, helping families to overcome the costs of education so all children in the area can have the best chance to love learning, which of course will open up future opportunities for them. They work closely with schools and nurseries to make sure those that need it most get the help and support they need to remove any barriers, giving disadvantaged children a level chance. Even just by providing a uniform or shoes that fit, they help to improve a child’s self esteem which can have a lasting impact on their life.

These children are from low economic backgrounds and are limited in the experiences and opportunities that a many of us take for granted.

I really wanted to support Level Trust, helping to raise awareness and funds for their future projects and with the cold weather they will be raising funds to provide winter coats to children in the area so I wondered if I could please ask for your help? If I have ever shared anything that you have found useful (and if you are able) please consider making a small donation. If everyone across my social media was to all just donate £1, together we would raise over £10,000 – that would have a massive impact on some of the most vulnerable in our society.

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Source : End Child Poverty coalition published in May 2019

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