Free Virtual Tours and webcams

With Lockdown in full swing check out my list of 30 FREE virtual tours and webcams from around the world to help you keep busy but more importantly keep safe! Although these tours are free, please consider making a donation especially to the zoos who often rely on visitors to cover the costs of feeding the animals.

Historical Sites



  • London ZooA collection of videos from around the zoo including news, animal antics and online shows
  • Whipsnade Zoo– A collection of videos from around the zoo including news, animal antics and online shows
  • Georgia AquariumA collection of live webcams including Belguna whales and Piranha fish
  • Atlanta Zoo Panda webcam
  • Monterey Bay AquariumA collection of webcams including sharks and jellyfish
  • Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary in Cornwall A couple of live webcams including penguins and flamingos


  •  Football Stadium toursView a huge selection of football stadiums – thought you can only see from one seat.


  • Roald Dahl MuseumVirtual museum tour, walk around the museums 3 galleries.
  • National History MuseumA collection of videos including live team chats and a virtual tour of the museum.
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York – A collection of online exhibits from Google Arts and Culture
  • Tate ModernA short YouTube video with information and a walk around the Andy Warhol exhibition (check for suitability before children watch).
  • The LouvreA selection of online tours – need Flash to play.
  • Van Gogh MuseumVirtual walk around the museum from Google Arts and Culture.
  • The Vatican MuseumA collection of beautiful 360 tours around the museums
  • Museum of the World – Click on information on the timeline to find out information on a number of historical discoveries from around the world.


  • Kidzania MumbaiA 360 virtual walk around Kidzania in Mumbai
  • Disney Park, Florida – This is quite cumbersome to navigate and is basically a big marketing tool but its cool for the kids :).
  • Disney rides, Florida – This link takes you to a site where you can watch YouTube videos as if you are on 12 different rides
  • International Space StationVideo tours of the space station
  • Hazard Alley – 360 virtual walk around Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes



  • Egyptian PyramidsFlash needed to view this.
  • StonehengeTake a 360 degree look inside the stones or take a look at the sky above to see the position of planets and the moon or stars at night.
  • Roman Baths, Bath – Views and information from inside the baths.
  • Eiffel Tower2 minute video of the Eiffel Tower including views.
  • The Grand CanyonWatch a video to find out more about layers and superposition.


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