Summer of Fun at Mead Open Farm

I was proper chuffed to be invited to check out Mead Open Farms Summer of Fun!

I used to be a member a few years ago and always really enjoyed it there but haven’t been in ages so it was nice to go again and see all the lovely changes they have done.

The Summer of Fun allows the family to have a holiday at home at ‘Funtins’ with holiday maker ‘Barry’ and Funtins purple coat ‘Holly Bobs’ (I like what they did there). You can join them around the park at a show and games that run throughout the day.

All the kids in the audience really enjoyed the show and there were loads of silly fun, interaction and participation to get them involved (my 6 year old was right up there laughing away!). Kids also get the chance to play games like limbo and welly whacking (amazing!) with Barry and Holly at different times in the day in the field near the crazy golf. The games also had load of audience participation so if you have little ones that enjoy getting involved theres lot of opportunity for them to do so.

The best part of the day for me was watching my girls living their best life in the foam party! Honestly it was something I would never think they would get the chance to do and they LOVED it! It went on for a good while and they were all having a great time which was lovely to see.

There was loads that we wanted to do and didn’t get chance to but we all had a lovely time, even my 6 month old was squealing at the sight of the lambs). Its a great, full, summer day out and adding the foam mad it was such a fun and different experience for them. Make sure you take a towel and spare clothes – some kids in there were in their swimming stuff!

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