Free Children’s Trail – Leighton Buzzard

The children’s trail in Leighton Buzzard is a little hidden gem! It is free to take part in and takes you around some lovely parts of Leighton Buzzard so is a good way to spend a few hours. If you wanted to stop in the park and have a picnic and a play and go for a coffee along the route it could easily be spread out to a whole day thing so is a great idea for a cheap day out,

To take part you need to pick up a free activity sheet from the library. The sheet provides you with little clues to help you find hidden statues, writing and street art. This is used to fill in some missing letters from selected words on the sheet,

It is suitable for children of different ages. We went out with a group of children with ages ranging from 3-10 and they all enjoyed it. With older ones you can leave them more to it and younger ones will enjoy more guidance. It is all pushchair friendly and is a good way to get a bit of exercise without it being too much for younger ones.

Some of them were difficult to find with street art being a little faded with time but we managed to find them all within about 2 hours (including a park stop). The statues were really cute and the route was really pretty in places and the whole thing was a really pleasant afternoon out. It is was surprise how much we all enjoyed it.

Once you have finished you can take your completed sheet back to the library and the kids get a little prize.

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